Mismatch Audiobook Now Available

Mismatch was written to be an audiobook. Early in the writing process, I realized that I wasn’t going to be able to write a book with my eyes and hands. The extended screen exposure was painful and problematic, but I also didn’t like the words that were coming out of my hands. Everything felt too […]

Kat Holmes stands before a room of students presenting about inclusive design. There's a large screen suspended from the ceiling behind her. There are images projected onto the screen.

Inclusive Design Master Class

University of Washington’s Communication Leadership Program collaborated with community leaders to illuminate different aspects of accessibility and inclusive design. Kat Holmes presented the keynote talk. Visit the site linked below to access all the videos and learning activities. For the 20-minute version of this talk:

How Automated Captioning Saved TEDxSeattle for This Fan

By Swetha Machanavajhala I’m a huge fan of TED talks. They expose everyone’s creative thinking and how that thinking can be applied in innovative ways to change the world. Some of my favorite talks include Simon Sinek’s “How Leaders Inspire Action” and Aji Piper’s “Kids Sue the Government to Fight Climate Change – and Win.” […]

[Image description: Assorted vintage typewriters arranged for display on a red velvet cloth. Image source: ozTypewriter.]

5 Ways Inclusion Fuels Innovation

As technology improves and functionality gets better, businesses that invest in making products that are highly usable and beautiful will experience stronger customer engagement.