Gabrielle Bullock Becomes First African-American Woman President of IIDA

We change what we design by changing who designs it.
— Gabrielle Bullock, Principal and Director of Global Diversity, Perkins+Will
 [Image description: A panel of people are on a stage all looking toward a podium where Gabrielle Bullock is about to speak as the incoming president of the International Interior Design Association's international board of directors. There is an image of Gabrielle projected onto a big screen above the stage.]

Excerpt from article: Gabrielle Bullock, principal and director of global diversity at architecture and design firm Perkins+Will, was sworn in Sunday as president of the International Interior Design Association (IIDA)’s international board of directors. She is the first African-American woman to preside over the world’s leading industry group for interior designers.

Bullock, who served as vice-president of IIDA’s international board from 2017-2018, has made significant contributions to the architecture and design field over the last three decades, tirelessly advocating and creating opportunities for the underrepresented.

“As one of 430, or 0.2 percent, of black female licensed architects in this country, it is my passion—and, I would argue, my moral obligation—to pursue social justice and equity through my work,” Bullock said. “I am honored, yet humbled, to serve as president of IIDA’s international board. I look forward to using this platform to continue to be a change agent, to advance the value of interior design, and to further our industry’s commitment to diversity, inclusion, and engagement.”



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